Sunday, 7 May 2017

The Cheeky Golden Snitch

Wearing Harry's glassless glasses;
Stretching tall to peep
   into looking glasses;
Grabbing Mom's mascara boxes;
Parting the tresses;
Lightning  to the forehead,
   so he traces

An important game with the Slytherins;
Out comes the Hakkas and the Sledges;
And a mandatory dare to Draco's faces

Astride a cricket bat
Round and round the ground he levitates,
 the little brat
Dodging and Ducking;
Zooming and Swishing

Way up in the gallery;
Here the Big D, there Ron and Hermione
Time now for the stylish waves
     and the boisterous flying kisses

One, two, three, the whistle blows;
The crowd roars;
Attaboy,  time to go get some goals

Wait, Wait, Wait;
Oh My My My;
Why now those wails and shrieks;
And what about those instant streams down the cheeks

Up and only up and up in the air
Only darn! this Golden Snitch
      ever darts and slides
Sigh! Not once  without any care
  On the ground does the winged ball glides
And so it teases
Refuses to pleases
My poor darling seeker
   all ready, but, now
He sure does needs my squeezes

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